I live and work in the beautiful Ozark region of Missouri, which has been my home for many years. Actually I grew up here but left in 1965 when I joined the Marine Corps. I didn't move back to this same place until 1973 and it has been our home since that time. I attended college at Tulsa and O.U. in Norman, OK. for about three years. I also have studied oil painting, woodcarving and jewelry making before entering into the world of knife making which seems to be my choice of all the arts. I worked as a welder for 23 years prior to my knife-making career.


When I first began making knives I attended the American Bladesmith School in 1991 which is sponsored by the American Bladesmith Society in conjunction with Texarkana College and is located in Old Washington Arkansas, which is a very historic town. It is where James Black's blacksmith & silversmith shop is located, the man who is credited by some with having made the original Bowie knife for Jim Bowie. More history




Richard A. Ramsey 

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